I don’t want a good night’s sleep…” – No one, ever.

We all know that sleep is important; yet, 60% of adults and 69% of children report experiencing sleep problems a few nights or more during the week. Insufficient sleep can have seriously detrimental effects on our health, often affecting our moods and even contributing to poor decision making and difficulty completing daily functions.  Prolonged sleeplessness (also known as insomnia) can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, and other health conditions.

Today, we’re recognizing World Sleep Day. This annual event is intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on the important issues related to sleep. The goal of World Sleep Day is to lessen the burden of sleep problems through better prevention and management of sleep disorders.

Part of the trouble with insomnia is that its cause often varies greatly by individual. Though stress is the number one cause of short-term sleeping difficulties, there are several other factors that can contribute to poor sleep quality:

  • Health problems can often interfere with the ability to fall or stay asleep, particularly those conditions which cause pain or discomfort, or which otherwise elevate the heart rate. Arthritis, hypertension and elevated cardiovascular risks (such as myocardial infarction and stroke), obesity, and diabetes are all known to cause sleep problems.
  • Environmental factors can impact sleep quality and are a challenge because they often change quite regularly. For example: room temperature, noise, brightness, and individual comfort are all factors that can significantly influence sleep quality, yet all are extremely variable (think: time of day, season of the year, sleeping partner’s preference, etc.), and therefore harder to maintain consistently.
  • Stimuli are additional, often more temporary factors which can trigger a response in the form of sleeplessness. Stimuli can be health-related; for example: pregnancy and other types of hormonal shifts can cause sleeping difficulties, some drugs such as decongestants and steroids can cause sleeping problems as a side effect, and fatigue is listed as a major symptom of several psychiatric disorders including depression and bipolar disorder. Stimuli may also be environmental – travel, especially jet lag, can upset circadian rhythms and cause sleeplessness. Exercise, shift work, and the 24/7 lifestyle are also common environmental stimuli.

The average American spends approximately one-third of their lifetime either sleeping or attempting to do so. With so much time spent in bed, it makes sense that your bedroom should facilitate restful sleep. So, what can you do to minimize the factors that contribute to poor sleep quality? At Urban Fabric Builders, we start by creating the healthiest possible indoor air environment and that means Indoor airPLUS Certification. This voluntary program partners with ENERGY STAR certification to award homes built with features and specifications which provide comprehensive indoor air quality protection and deliver energy efficiency savings of up to 30% when compared to the average new home.

These certifications, along with others, provide strategies for combating many of the health problems and environmental factors that can negatively affect sleep. For example, Urban Fabric Builders uses environmentally preferable products on all our projects. This means your home’s materials are guaranteed low-or no-VOC. That’s good for your health and great for your sleep! We’re also creating an extra-tight building envelope with features like enhanced outdoor air ventilation, upgraded spray foam insulation, and ultra-efficient air filters; all of which can help maintain consistency in the home’s temperature, noise level, and contaminant exposure.

So, what are you waiting for?! Come experience the Urban Fabric Builders difference for yourself! Our Armenta and Palmaire Projects proudly pursue Indoor airPLUS and several other prestigious energy efficiency certifications so that we can provide you with the healthiest and most comfortable indoor air environment possible. Click here to get in touch with our realtor and learn how you can get your best night’s sleep in a new Urban Fabric Builders home.

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