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Since we’re new to the digital world, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Urban Fabric Builders is a development and redevelopment company with a strategic focus on creating outstanding projects that foster stronger community and greatly improve the lives of those living in them. So…what exactly does that mean? It’s simple. We build outstanding homes, but maintain a strong belief that the communities we create are equally as important to the total home environment!

Because of this, Urban Fabric Builders takes on projects that promise to build or rebuild the community or vitality of a neighborhood through the simple notion that connectivity counts. We strive to identify projects that both excite and challenge us (we love a good infill project, up-cycling makes us giddy, you get the idea…). But even more important than building, is the concept of truly connecting the individuals and families who share our belief in right-sized, sustainable, community living.

Our commitment to community stems from our founders’ shared belief that they could quite literally change the world for the better by creating authentic communities where neighbors know and care for one another. Below, meet Principals Cameron Cooke and Paul Kalkbrenner; and Director of Design & Architecture, Kim Cooke, who collectively make up the founders of Urban Fabric Builders.

Since 1998, Urban Fabric Builders Co-Owner and Founder, Cameron Cooke, has invested in and developed real estate in the Phoenix Metro area. He has played a pivotal role in several successful business ventures related to land acquisition, disposition, lot platting, zoning and entitlements, and various commercial property acquisitions. After years of working with large real estate and investing companies, Cameron co-founded Urban Fabric Builders with the vision of building homes that are environmentally conscious and bring neighborhoods together.

Urban Fabric Builders Co-Owner and Founder Paul Kalkbrenner has over 35 years years of commercial, residential, and hospitality construction experience. He focuses on optimized jobsite organization and communication through the practical application of quality assurance principles. Paul has extensive leadership experience in implementation of alliance teams in development and construction. Prior to co-founding Urban Fabric Builders, Paul was the President of PK Systems, Inc., Vice-President and General Manager of Integrated Stucco, LLC, and Vice-President of Construction for Shea Homes.

As Director of Design & Architecture at Urban Fabric Builders, Kim Cooke combines her creative and design skills with experience in construction and a commitment to excellence. Her background in professional photography, as well as in administrative and management positions has made her an asset to the team. A longtime Phoenix resident, she is dedicated to producing projects that are environmentally responsible and beneficial to the community.

With unparalleled industry and leadership experience, the Urban Fabric Builders team is proud to create more than just a home. Together, we build places that are safe, sustainable, beautiful, livable, and lasting. Join us as we continue to weave the timeless fabric of community.

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